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We can turn your manuscript into a quality book

you'll be proud of.


Manuscripts are copyedited for word usage, grammar, and punctuation (also known as "mechanical editing").


Books are formatted for printing and for eBook production. We accept many file types, including


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft PowerPoint


Adobe PDF


We also accept graphic files, such as j.peg, .tif, .gif, .png, and more.


Authors receive a job order for approval before work begins on any job. 


Final copy is proofread by our experts before the man-uscript is submitted to the author for review and approval to print.

Authors pay half the amount of the cost when they approve  the job order and the other half when the job is completed. 




Complete production is priced per job. Pricing for books produced by Pearl River includes design, production, proofreading, and editing.


Call or email us when you're ready to discuss pricing .


We require the complete manu-script, including all  the graphics and photographs, before we provide authors with a final production cost. 


Covers for eBooks are included in the production costs.


See the next tab, "OTHER COSTS," for printing. 

Cost is priced for the complete job, excluding printing.


The following are individual costs for all projects. Book and eBook production prices for each category are included in the total production price.

  • Proofreading               $35/hour

  • Page and Cover Design     $50/hour     

  • Editing                          $40/hour

  • Formatting & Production $35/hour

  • Web Design & Production $50/hour

  • ISBN: $35 each

  • Construct author webpage     $35/hour

  • Place book online

  • Book Keywords/SEO   Free    

  • Place book online        Free


Printing costs are obtained from the printer by Pearl River Publishing and are not part of the job order authors receive for the book's design, editing, and production of paper books.



PAPER BOOK: Paperbacks are often done in several sizes, such as  8.5" X 5.5" or 6" X 9". These are good, readable sizes that work well. However, other sizes may be more suitable for special types of books.


The genre of your book should dictate the paper and size choices for your book. Non-standard sizes will be more costly in the long run.


EBOOKS: All eBooks are constructed using  guidelines that are required by online booksellers.


HARD COVER BOOKS: let us know about other formats you require, such as hard cover.


Clients work directly with the book's editor and producer.


FOR EBOOK: You'll receive a final file (.pdf or Word) to review and approve before your book is uploaded to Amazon or other Internet bookseller.

FOR PRINTED BOOK: You'll receive a free printed and bound proof copy to approve for printing. No other books will be printed until authors approve the final book.

AUTHOR'S CHANGES MADE AFTER THE FINAL BOOK is submitted to them for approval to print is $50/hour.

ERRORS ON THE PART OF PEARL RIVER PUBLISHING are made at no charge to the client.


PRINTING PAPER BOOKS: We use Copy General to print our books. We've found that they provide quality materials and printing for both text and covers, as well as binding, for a reasonable cost. We obtain  tthe printing price for your approval, is separate from our production cost.  If you have a preferred printer, please discuss it with us.


SOME eBOOK information: All online booksellers (such as Amazon, Smash Words, etc.) take a cut of your selling price, sometimes as high as 50%. The author receives the remainder. We deduct 10% of the your sales profit for our handling services and send you a check for rest of your book earnings. Note: Some online booksellers settle monthly; others settle every 90 days. 


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