Do you have an on-line bookstore? No. We aren’t booksellers; Pearl River Publishing only provides services for editing, designing, and producing print-ready books and eBooks. 

Do you provide a way for the public to purchase hardback copies and/or e-copies directly from you, the publisher? No, that is the author's responsibility. However, we can place a link under your book's information on our BOOKS tab for purchasing the book directly from you or from Amazon. In the screenshot from our webpage below, the "Order Now" button links directly to the author's email; other buttons will link directly to Amazon's webpage for purchasing the book.





Do you edit the books sent to you for production? Yes. We ensure that your book has no grammar, punctuation, misspellings or word usage errors, and correct sentence structure. We can also do substantive editing.


It is important for you to know that our editor will never change your writing style, meaning, or what you intend to say to readers with your book.

Will someone proofread the final copy of both hard cover and eBooks? Yes, always!

Can you prepare and submit all necessary paperwork for copyrighting. We do not prepare and submit paperwork for copyrighting. That’s an author’s responsibility. Please note that you will always retain your copyright if we publish your book; we will not retain copyrights, as other publishers may do.

Do you provide services to have the book listed on the “usual” and “required” lists? 

No. That's the author's responsibility. The only place we “list” books is by uploading your eBook to Amazon and to our website. We do not provide services for listing books with booksellers or other such firms. Authors are responsible for mailing print copies for sale to Amazon or other online booksellers, but Pearl River Publishing will upload your information to the Amazon website.

What is an ISBN? An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is your book's unique identifier. The ISBN is a mandatory sales tool if you intend to make your book available in bookstores; it identifies books in all industry-wide systems. Bookstores, wholesalers, and distributors keep track of books solely by their ISBNs.

Can Pearl River Publishing provide an ISBN and barcode for my book? 

Yes. We purchase blocks of official ISBNs from an authorized seller (Bowker) for use by Pearl River Publishing for printed books.

Does my eBook need an ISBN? does not require an ISBN if you are publishing content with Kindle Direct Publishing, which is what we normally do. The Amazon website says, An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is not required to publish content with Kindle Direct Publishing."


Do you upload eBooks to bookseller websites? We upload eBooks only to Amazon at present. When the eBook becomes available and is ready to be registered, we will—

  • upload the complete eBook text;

  • the cover, synopsis, and price;

  • any other elements required by Amazon.

Who decides the prices for books and eBooks? The author.

Will Pearl River Publishing help to launch a campaign to market my book? No. We don't market the books we produce. That's the author's responsibility. We can, however, tell you about the ways some of our other authors market their books.