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Matthews cookbook
Matthews cookbook


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PEARL RIVER PUBLISHING produces and publishes paper books and electronic books (eBooks, such as for Kindle and electronic readers of all kinds), including fiction, nonfiction, family and children's books. 


We have the experience and the talent necessary to produce attractive, well-edited, and well-designed books at a reasonable price. We care about our authors and their books. We believe that writing is a unique talent, and we can help you turn your manuscript into a quality book. Click on the BOOK tab above to see our books.


CALL US if you have questions or publishing needs. We'd love to talk with you about your book!



We create both paper and electronic books (eBooks) of all genres, both fiction and nonfiction, from your manuscripts. You can send digital files, as well as handwritten typewritten for complete design, production, and printing.


Our authors retain 100% of the rights and the copyright to their works. Authors also set their own book prices. 


We pledge to produce quality books at a reasonable cost for our clients. Our authors will always receive a detailed, written job sheet to approve before work begins. There are NO hidden costs at Pearl River Publishing.


We publish quality books inexpen-sively, professionally, and rapidly. We pledge to listen, to provide honest answers to our authors, to give every book our best efforts, and to keep lines of communication open.

  • Design, format, produce, and print paper books.

  • Design, format, and produce eBooks, as well as upload them to Amazon and other eBookstores online for sale.

  • Edit manuscripts.

  • Proofread final copy of books and eBooks.

  • Design book covers and interior pages.

  • Provide ISBN and barcodes.

  • Design and construct author websites

  • Generate metadata/keywords for Web searches.

  • Upload books and eBooks to bookseller websites.

  • Convert authors' already-published books from  computer files and produce as eBooks.

  • Issue detailed job sheet for all services.

  • Click on the "SERVICES" button for pricing  and other details.

  • Click on the "Q&A" button if you haven't seen the information you want. Includes "what we don't do."